Who We Are

Every one of us has the power to implement the change we want to see in our community.

As fathers we are pivotal in the growth and development of our community. Our impact is vast and DEEP rooted through our seeds.

Fathers in the Park is and will continue to be an open door event where we come together with the basis of community involvement, friendship, mentorship and fatherhood. Our events will be geared towards creating memories, experiences and education for both children and parents.

While our kids play together and build life-long friendships and memories, the fathers build bonds that will create a culture of community investment. We’ll teach each other by telling our parenting stories, pooling resources and creating a space where we can start dialogue that will form ideas that will become action.

This is an informal come as you are environment. It cost nothing and you’re not expected to bring anything but yourself. Donations are welcome and come in many forms. Time, food, mentorship, facilities, resources & money is all needed and will go directly towards your community.

This is not limited to just fathers; so anyone that would like to attend and bless us with your presence will be more than welcome.

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Volunteering for non-profits is a process that is richly rewarding for all involved.

When you give up your time and resources, you are making a difference.

Stepping beyond your world to assist another one is a valuable occassion that no one can take back from you!

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